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Ceramics: A guide to resources in the CIA's Gund Library: Finding books

The online catalog

The Gund Library's catalog is part of a shared catalog with CWRU and CIM. After you get the results to your search, if you want to know only what is in the Gund Library, you will need to modify the search to limit your results to CIA's library. 

CIA patrons may borrow books from the CWRU and CIM libraries.

Pottery At The Potter's Wheel (source: Image Quest)

Useful subject headings

You will often have to translate the concepts you are looking for into the subject words and phrases used in library catalogs and indexes. For the CIA library catalog, the following SUBJECTS are most useful:










The main subject terms are often subdivided by sub-topics, place, and/or time period (to limit a concept or to focus more closely on a specific topic); for example: POTTERS -- JAPAN — BIOGRAPHY or POTTERY, AMERICAN -- 20TH CENTURY. There are MANY other subjects that may be useful beyond these.

Can’t find anything? Are the items you want unavailable? Check the OhioLINK Catalog and request that books be sent to the CIA Library for your use.

You will need your library account number to request OhioLINK books. If you don't know your account number, we can get that for you. You can find out how to contact us on the home page of this guide.

Call numbers for browsing

If you prefer to browse, you can look in these areas for books on ceramics:

NK 3700  -NK 4695     ceramic art

NK 4001 - NK 4185     regional ceramic art

NK 4210     individual potters

TT 916 - TT 927     ceramic art techniques

 Vase. Snail rim design. Vallauris Alpes Maritimes, signed Jerome Massier, 1901 (source: Image Quest)