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Library Updates: February 2020


Cleveland Institute of Art's Jessica R. Gund Memorial Library Updates - February 2020

New and Fantastic!

The library is always adding new books. Here we highlight four fantastic new books. Stop by the library's New Books shelf to see more!

Library Displays

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Random Acts of Kindness

From now thru February 17th - Join us in leaving positive messages/doodles on our whiteboard in celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Week! We'll collect them and sneak them into random books throughout the library to be found by unsuspecting patrons. 

Bubble envelopes

CIA Library accepting any bubble envelope donations!

Every day, CIA Library and other OhioLINK libraries use bubble-wrap lined mailing envelopes in the process of sending items to one another. The envelopes are the same kind you may receive after ordering an item online. If you have no use for these bubble envelopes, the CIA Library would happily accept any donations to reuse for OhioLINK items. 

We accept both paper and plastic envelopes, any size, and will even take those marked with company logos/names. Please make sure to remove or obscure any personal information that may be on the envelope.

If you have some you'd like to bring in, please drop off envelopes at the front desk. Thank you!

Spotlighted Digital Resource

Points of View Reference Center

Do you have to write an argumentative essay? Then you need to know about Points of View Reference Center.

Points of View Reference Center is a collection of full text resources that present multiple sides of an issue. It provides rich content that can help you assess and develop persuasive arguments and essays, better understand controversial issues, and develop analytical thinking skills.

There's a great tutorial here!

Need help? Stop by the library or ask us online!

Points of View logo

Periodically Speaking

This month we shift our lens to look at Contact Sheet.  This is the main publication of LIGHT WORK, an artist run nonprofit affiliated with Syracuse University, formed in 1973.


With over 170 editions since 1977, each issue acts as a stand-alone monograph featuring the work of a single visionary photographer.  In addition to four seasonal issues, Contact Sheet produces a diverse, multi-artist annual.  Recent issues have featured Jess T. Dugan, John Edmonds and Rodrigo Valenzuela.  In addition to Contact Sheet, Light Work runs an acclaimed artist-in-residence program with many ground breaking alumni, including Cindy Sherman.

NEW! Reserve a library room online

NEW!! Self-Serve Library Room Reservation

The library has two rooms that can be reserved on a first come, first served basis. You can reserve them for small groups, meetings, clubs, study groups, group work, or just to take a break to play some games with your friends! 

Please click the button below to reserve one of the rooms. If you need help with the form, stop by or call the library and we'll show you how to use it.