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Course Reserves Policy

The CIA Library provides reserve services for CIA degree-program classes at the request of individual CIA faculty

Instructors are responsible for selecting the materials to be placed on reserve and for determining the most appropriate loan period for each item. 

Using the library's reserve form, the instructor submits a list of reserve items for each class and semester they wish to have materials on reserve. Items may be placed on reserve for one semester at a time. There are no permanent reserves. The form should be received two weeks prior to the first day of class.  Lists are processed in the order in which they are received.  The reserve list form is available on the library's website in the section “Information for Faculty.” The form can be submitted by email, or as a hard copy.  Forms are also available in the library.

If a loan period is not indicated on the form, the IN-LIBRARY loan period will be used.  Options for loan periods are as follows:

  • IN-LIBRARY = may be used in the library for three hours.  Use this for class texts and required reading assignments.
  • OVERNIGHT = overnight; may be checked out after 4:00 P.M. and returned the following morning.  This option is best for supplemental materials.
  • WEEK = may be checked out at any time during the day and is due in 7 days.

Items placed on reserve should be those that are required or recommended for the entire class.

Items owned by the CIA Library or personally owned copies may be put on reserve; items borrowed from other libraries will not be accepted for use in course reserves.  As a general guideline, reference books and DVDs and videos restricted to “library use only” cannot be placed on reserve.

Due to space constraints, reserve lists must be limited to 20 items per course.  The library staff provides use statistics to instructors for all items placed on reserve, which may be helpful in determining which items are most heavily used by the students.

It is possible for several instructors to put the same items on reserve.  When this occurs, the most restrictive loan period will be applied.

Students and faculty are able to view the course reserve lists online using the library’s catalog.  

If you want to schedule videos for classroom viewing only, please do not put them on reserve. Library staff will gladly reserve the items needed for this purpose. Please contact us as soon as possible to book videos for classes.

The CIA Library makes every effort to comply with current copyright law regarding the use of photocopied material. 

  • Photocopies of items can be placed on reserve one time, but the original copyright notice must be included in the photocopy.  In general, only one photocopy of each item may be on reserve at any time.  If a faculty member wishes to place a photocopy on reserve again, they must provide written permission from the copyright holder.  Library staff may be able to provide assistance in obtaining copyright permission or in investigating other options.
  • In order to be in compliance with Fair Use guidelines, the amount of photocopied material placed on reserve should be a small portion of the total amount of the original work; for example, one chapter of a book or one article.  Course reserves should not be used as a substitute for a course pack.

As with all library circulation records, patron reserve records are confidential.  Library staff members are not permitted to provide the names of anyone who has used reserve materials.

Course Reserves Contact


Stop by the library during our open hours to get help from Jackie Lagunzad with your course reserves questionsClick here for our current hours.


Call (216) 421-7443 to speak to Jackie Lagunzad about course reserves.


Email Jackie Lagunzad with your course reserves questions.

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