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Researching CMA Objects: #1 - Gather basic information

This is an easy four step guide that will walk you through the process of finding information about objects owned by the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Step 1 - Gather basic information

    Determine the object's artist, title and accession number

This information will help you immensely with your research!

The easiest way to locate this information is to copy it from the label next to the piece in the museum.

If you are missing some of this information, try searching the Cleveland Museum of Art's Collection Online site.

CIA's Gund Library also has copies of the Handbook of the Cleveland Museum of ArtYou can search for your object in there, too.

Please note: Not all objects are listed in the handbook or on the collection online.

Question: What is an accession number?

Answer: An accession number is a unique number assigned to an object by the museum. Knowing the accession number can really come in handy when you're searching for information about an object using the museum's resources.