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Researching CMA Objects: #2 - Check CMA Publications Index

This is an easy four step guide that will walk you through the process of finding information about objects owned by the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Step 2 - Check the CMA Publications Index online

  Check the CMA Publications Index online

The Cleveland Museum of Art's Ingalls Library maintains a searchable index of all the museum's publications. The CMA Publications Index includes all of the museum's periodical publications as well as other museum publications, such as collection catalogs. 

All of the museum's periodical publications, including the Bulletin, are shelved together in the the back issues section of the CIA Library's periodical collection undeCleveland Museum of Art...

To check if your object is included in any of the museum's publications, enter the relevant information in the search boxes on the left side of the screen.

In this example search for "Picasso" you'll see a list of artworks attributed to Picasso, along with references to individual objects in any CMA publication. Some works will have many citations and some will have none. To see a full citation for CMA Catalogs, click the little (citation) link.