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A guide to resources in the Gund Library

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The Gund Library's catalog is part of a shared catalog with CWRU and CIM. After you get the results to your search, if you want to know only what is in the Gund Library, you will need to modify the search to limit your results to CIA's library. 

CIA patrons may borrow books from the CWRU and CIM libraries.

myth, n.1

a. A traditional story, typically involving supernatural beings or forces, which embodies and provides an explanationaetiology, or justification for something such as the early history of a society, a religious belief or ritual, or a natural phenomenon.

b. A widespread but untrue or erroneous story or belief; a widely held misconception; a misrepresentation of the truth. Also: something existing only in myth; a fictitious or imaginary person or thing.

--Oxford English Dictionary


a. Something that stands for, represents, or denotes something else (not by exact resemblance, but by vague suggestion, or by some accidental or conventional relation); esp. a material object representing or taken to represent something immaterial or abstract, as a being, idea, quality, or condition; a representative or typical figure, sign, or token; †occas. a type (of some quality).

b. An object representing something sacred; spec. (absol.) either of the elements in the eucharist, as representing the body and blood of Christ.

--Oxford English Dictionary

*Images in this guide are from Britannica ImageQuest


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