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Archives Lists: Schreckengost Teaching Award

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Schreckengost Teaching Award

(Last updated May 2022)

The Schreckengost award was established by President David Deming in 2000 to recognize teaching among the CIA faculty and was named in honor of Viktor Schreckengost, the late artist and industrial designer who was a 1929 graduate of the Institute and who taught at CIA for nearly 70 years.

Viktor Schreckengost was the first recipient of the award, which is presented annually to current and/or former faculty members in recognition of teaching excellence at the Institute over a period of at least 10 years. Nominations are solicited from faculty, former faculty, alumni, students, and friends of CIA.

2000    Viktor Schreckengost (CIA 1929)

2002   Robert Jergens (CIA 1960)

2003    Richard Fiorelli (CIA 1974) & John Paul Miller (CIA 1940)

2004    Jose Cintron (CIA 1954) & Julian Stanczak (CIA 1954)

2005    Kathy Buszkiewicz, Clarence Van Duzer (CIA 1945), & Ralph Woehrman (CIA 1966)

2006    Kenneth Bates, William Brouillard, & H. Carroll Cassill

2007    Eugene Pawlowski (CIA 1965)

2008    Hugh Greenlee (CIA 1949), Roy Hess (CIA 1948), & Brent Kee Young

2009    Judith Salomon & James Mazurkewicz (CIA 1967)

2010    Frances Taft & Gerald Vandevier

2011    John Szilagyi & Barbara Stanczak (CIA/CWRU 1990)

2012    Charlie Bergengren, Francis Meyers (CIA 1951), & Joseph Jankowski (CIA 1949)

2013    Joseph McCullough (CIA 1948)

2014    Dominic Scibilia (CIA 1972)

2015    Matthew Hollern

2016    Gretchen Goss

2017    Joyce Kessler

2018    Nancy McEntee (CIA 1984) & Paul Travis (CIA 1917)

2019    Maggie Denk-Leigh & Allen Zimmerman

2020    Dan Cuffaro (CIA 1991)

2021    Lane Cooper & Robert Palmer

2022    David Hart, Dennis Buck (CIA 1973), & Helen Weinberg