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Archives Lists: Board of Directors Chairs

Archives lists



1883-84                                   Henry C. Ranney, President

1884-5--1903-4                       Mrs. Mary Scranton Bradford, President

1905-6--1931-32                     Mrs. Stevenson Burke, President

1932-33--1941-42                   Ralph M. Coe, President

1942--1943                              George Gund, President

1943--1944                              Ralph M. Coe, President

1944-46--1966-67                   George Gund, President

1967-68--1969-70                   Mrs. A. Dean Perry, President

1970-72--1973-75                   Mrs. David L. Grund, President

1975-77--1979-81                   Richard F. Stevens, Chairman

1981--1983                              Mrs. David L. Grund, Chairman

1984-1992                               Harvey G. Oppman, Chairman

1993-1998                               Paul Brentlinger, Chair

1999-2004                               John (Jack) Katzenmeyer, Chair

2004-2012                               Gary Johnson, Chair

2012-2015                               Michael Schwartz, Chair

2016                                        Bill Valerian, Chair

2016                                        Michael Schwartz (interim), Chair

2016-                                       Cynthia Prior Gascoigne, Chair