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Archives Lists: CIA Medal for Excellence Recipients

Archives lists

1987       Anne Cox Chambers

1988       Viktor Schreckengost (CIA 1929)    

1989       The Reinberger Foundation

1990       Helen Greene Perry

1991       Kenneth F. Bates

1992       Jennie Jones and Harvey Oppmann

1993       Irving Stone

1994       Frances Taft

1995       James Modarelli (CIA 1938)

1996       The Lindseth Family

1997       Joseph McCullough (CIA 1948)

1998       John Paul Miller (CIA 1940) and Paul S. Brentlinger

1999       Joy Praznik Sweeney (CIA 1958)

2000       David E. Davis (CIA 1948)

2001       Helen C. Cole and Julian Stanczak (CIA 1954)

2002       Graham Grund and Nelson S."Bud" Talbot

2003       Eleanor “Bonnie” McCoy

2004       Agnes Gund

2005       Jack Katzenmeyer

2006       John & Maxeen Flower and Susan Channing

2007       Toby Devan Lewis  

2008       Ellen Stirn Mavec

2009       Creighton Murch

2010       Marc Brown

2011       Peter Van Dijk and Cris Rom

After 2011, this award was officially divided into two categories: for artistic achievement, and for service

2012       Brent Young (artistic achievement) and Bruce Checefsky (service)

2013       Richard Anuszkiewicz (artistic achievement), Michael Cole (service) and David Deming (service)

2014       Judith Salomon (artistic achievement) and Gary Johnson (service)

2015       Bill Brouillard (artistic achievement) and Michael Schwartz (service)

2016       Robert Jergens (CIA 1960) (artistic achievement), Fran Belkin (service) and Almut Zvosec (service)

2017       Robert Miklos (CIA 1975) (artistic achievement) and John Schulze (service)   

2018       Alberta Cifolelli (CIA 1953) (artistic achievement) and Donald Insul (service)

2019       Barbara Stanczak (CIA 1990) (artistic achievement), Ruth Eppig (service) and Joyce Kessler (service)