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Color: Some important color theorists

The online catalog

The Gund Library's catalog is part of a shared catalog with CWRU and CIM. After you get the results to your search, if you want to know only what is in the Gund Library, you will need to modify the search to limit your results to CIA's library. 

CIA patrons may borrow books from the CWRU and CIM libraries.

Information about some important color theorists & their work in CIA's Gund Library

The library owns many important books about color and color theory. Click on the names of the following people to see what items we have by these theorists in our collection. If you are interested in these or other works written by color theorists, search the catalog for them using the AUTHOR search option.  If you are looking for information about them or their work, use the SUBJECT or KEYWORD options to search either the library's catalog or the periodical indexes.

A few of the items that are in our Special Collections are listed here below their authors.  Please plan ahead to see items in Special Collections. Items should be requested ahead of time. 

Josef ‚ÄčAlbers, 1888-1976 

  • The library has several Albers books in Special Collections, including the 1963 edition of Interaction of Color.

Faber Birren, 1900-1988 

M. E. (Michel Eugène) Chevreul, 1786-1889

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1749-1832 (you may want to limit your search to items at CIA)

Johannes Itten, 1888-1967

A. H. (Albert Henry) Munsell, 1858-1918

Wilhelm Ostwald, 1853-1932